History | History in Public
H699 | 26675 | Sandweiss

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with CULS-C701

What is “public history,” anyway?  How does it differ—or how should
it differ--from other forms of historical practice?  In this
colloquium, we examine shifting notions both of “the public” and
of “history” to develop a broader outline of the field within a
context of evolving cultural and professional expectations.  Using a
combination of case studies and theoretical readings, we will
examine the promise and peril of a historical practice that is
carried out in full awareness of, and in dialogue with, public
audiences—in the museum, in the press, at historic sites, on the
web, in theatres, and yes, even in the classroom.   Coursework
includes:  regular reading assignments of one book (or several
articles) each week, a series of short critical essays,  in-class
presentations, and several field trips.