History | Colloquium in Comparative History
H699 | 29092 | Eklof

Above class open to graduates only

This course will look at the Great War [1914-1918] in a world
historical and comparative context, will encourage students to focus
on a country/region/theme of their own choice, but also to engage in
the literature on other themes and regions.  We will begin with the
reading of a new general monograph  (Ian W. Beckett, The Great War,
2nd edition; Longman, 2007), spend another three or four weeks on
common readings on the international crisis which led to the war,
military developments, the “lived experiences” of war, and impacts
[cultural, the international balance of power, anti-colonial
movements, societal change, and memory].  In the second half of the
semester, we will have three or four weeks of presentations on
selected themes, and another three or four weeks of free time in
which you will be preparing your presentations.  Requirements
include four short [two-page, single-space] responses, three oral
presentations [based on two-three books each] and a final paper
[whether a critical or bibliographical essay]. 

Students may elect to count this course as H640:  Colloquium in
Russian History