History | 19th Century Europe
H720 | 13447 | Spang

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only

This seminar will allow the participants to produce an article-
length research paper on some topic in nineteenth-century European
history.  For our purposes, the “nineteenth century” will be
understood as the period 1789-1914 and “Europe” will refer to the
British Isles, the European continent (including much of the Ottoman
empire), and all of the Russian empire.  Research on European
overseas colonies or territories in this period is also permitted
and encouraged.  All papers must be based on primary-source
materials and should demonstrate a solid grasp of the relevant

At the beginning of the semester we will meet as a group to discuss
shared readings—primarily articles that can serve as models of
approach, method, or conception.  We will also meet as a group at
the end of the semester for students to present their research. Most
of the semester, however, will consist of participants working
individually to research and write their papers; during this period,
they are expected to have regular one-on-one meetings with the

Students planning to enroll for this seminar should contact the
instructor (rlspang@indiana.edu) as soon as feasible so that we can
arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.  They may find it
helpful to do some preliminary research before our first meeting in