History | Middle Eastern History
H785 | 26695 | Scalenghe

Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with NELC-N695

The goal of this graduate seminar is to help students produce an
article-length research paper (25-30 pages) on a topic of their
choice. In the first half of the semester we will read recent books
and articles on Middle Eastern history with a focus on assessing the
authors’ use of sources, methodology, and theoretical approach. The
second half of the semester will be devoted exclusively to writing
the paper. We will meet less regularly as a group and more often one-
on-one. Students with a reading knowledge of Arabic, Turkish,
Persian, Hebrew, or other Middle Eastern languages will be expected
to choose primary sources in those languages; others may use
European-language sources (e.g. travel accounts, consular records,
etc.). Students are strongly encouraged to start thinking of
research topics before the beginning of the spring semester.