History | Twenthieth Century Africa
H795 | 26678 | Hanson

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with HIST-H695

This course is a research seminar on twentieth century Africa,
especially focusing on the social transformations associated with
European colonial rule and its aftermath. Research can focus on any
relevant topic, such as colonial institutions and African
intermediaries, abolition of slavery, urbanization, religious and
cultural transformations, and nationalist movements. Each
participant must research and write an article-length paper based on
original sources.

Seminar meetings will encourage participants to engage issues in the
literature as well as to focus on a particular topic in twentieth
century African history. Attention also will be given to the bases
for historical research and analysis: how do historians conduct
research on the past and how have they represented and interpreted
African perspectives in their work?

Written assignments include a short research proposal (eight double-
spaced pages) and a seminar paper (30 double-spaced pages).

This course meets simultaneously with H695, an African history
colloquium focusing on Africa in the twentieth century. H695
students will read extensively, discuss articles and books, and make
oral presentations on themes over the course of the semester. H795
participants are welcome to attend these discussions and