Honors | Representation & the Body (GNDR)
G310 | 7636 | Brenda Weber

To enroll in this course, see GNDR-G 310 in the Schedule of Classes.

Representation and the Body asks questions such as: Why have the
incidences of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders -
especially among women and girls - increased so dramatically in
recent decades?" and "How do competitive sports affect men's images
of their bodies?"

This course examines a range of bodily practices and cultural codes
that mark the body and considers why six-differentiated boy rituals
have become so salient in recent times.  The course concentrates on
the creation and institutionalization of sexual difference through
representations of the body and also examines attempts to challenge
these representations.  Topics addressed include:  chronic dieting,
sports and fitness, racially and culturally specific body
alterations, cross-dressing and transsexualism, the commodification
of reproduction, gender and "disabled" bodies, and "alternate"

H300 will be the honors break-out discussion of the larger G310

In it, we will take on the register of the body with greater rigor,
which will include engaging in a limited resarch project at the
Kinsey Institute, one additional book, and a meeting with a guest
speaker, Linda Mizejewski, in March, who will be here to talk about
the aging female celebrity body.