History and Philosophy Of Science | Constructing Dogs: How Humans Created a Species
X100 | 14931 | Grant Goodrich

Constructing Dogs: How Humans Created a Species

Dogs have been living with humans for tens of thousands of years.
During that time they have been human companions, victims of
dissection, animal astronauts, and more recently the subject of
scientific study.  The special relationship between humans and dogs
raises philosophical questions about the very essence of what a dog
is as well as about our relationship with them.

In this course we will attempt to understand what dogs are and how
they came to be.  Special attention will be given to the study of
dog behavior and the interactions between dogs and humans.  We will
develop an understanding of dogs and humans by considering such
diverse subjects as evolutionary biology, cultural evolution,
ethology, anthropology, philosophy, history of science, and
literature.  This class will be especially interesting to students
of animal behavior, evolution, anthropology, philosophy of science,
and anyone who wants to learn more about "man's best friend".