History and Philosophy Of Science | History of Physiology from 18th c-20th c
X226 | 10828 | Jutta Schickore

History of Physiology from the 18^th through the 20^th centuries.

In this course, we will trace the rise of physiology from the late
eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries. We will study the
key questions that occupied the physiologists and
explore how new practices, technologies and institutions helped
shape the modern  scientific approach to life and the body. We will
consider important debates that were fuelled by the development of
physiology, such as the mind-body problem, gendered reflections on
life and the body, and the fervent controversies about animal
experimentation and vivisection. We will also see that the
physiologists’ instruments, methods, and ideals had considerable
impact on other disciplines, from physics to philosophy to the arts.