History and Philosophy Of Science | History of Skepticism
X323 | 11527 | Carl Pearson

History of Skepticism

Skeptical modes of thought have played a subtle but powerful role in
Western intellectual, religious and scientific cultures.  This class
examines that role historically, considering ancient Greek, Early
Modern and contemporary skeptical claims.  Topics include: critiques
of knowledge/objectivity (ancient and modern), anarchist critiques
of science, fideism and the skeptical crisis of the Reformation, so-
called Higher Biblical Criticism and the emergence of Secular Modes
of thought, standpoint epistemologies, and constructivist
theories of science.  Primary and secondary texts will be assigned ,
including (alphabetically): Bloor, Descartes, Feyerbend, Haraway,
Plato, Popkin, Sextus Empiricus.