History and Philosophy Of Science | History & Philosophy of Experiment
X521 | 14080 | Jutta Schickore

History & Philosophy of Experiment

Experimentation is the core activity of science. But what exactly is
the nature of experiments, and how can we characterize their roles
in the generation of scientific knowledge? What do experiments prove
and what kind of knowledge do they yield? Has the nature and role of
experimentation changed over time? Do experiments have lives of
their own? How do experiments shape the way in which we experience
the world?

In this course, we will explore epistemological, conceptual,
historiographical, and historical issues related to experimental
practice. Topics include: Experimentation in the 17th century and
the new experimental philosophy (Boyle, Galileo, Newton),
quantitative vs. qualitative experiments, medico-anatomical
experimentation, the functions of experiment (such as exploration,
model-building, experimental test), and epistemological theories of