International Studies | Culture & The Arts: International Perspective
I201 | 8434 | Gruber

As an introduction to the Culture and the Arts concentration in
International Studies, I201 provides a framework for students as
they pursue further coursework in the major. The course will explore
issues, methods and materials for the study of culture and the arts
cross-culturally and internationally. It will introduce the
theoretical concept of the arts as forms of cultural expression and
of representation. Among the topics to be covered are public culture
and artistic presentation, the political economy of culture,
globalization and freedom of artistic expression. We will examine
the role of the arts in the formation and transformation of
identity. We will study the movement of arts and culture  through
the movement of people and forms of mass mediation  and their sites
of interaction. And we will analyze the mechanisms and institutions
through which the arts and culture are disseminated locally and