International Studies | Nations, States, and Boundaries
I206 | 8436 | Sela, R

This course provides an introduction to the development of modern
nations and states and their mutual relations. We will cover
selected aspects of the complex interrelationships among individual
identity construction, social group formation, citizenship, and the
international system.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the
historical processes that led to the formation of nations, states
and boundaries as we know them today and to the dynamic interactions
between ethnicity and individual and national identities. Among the
topics to be covered are the effects of imperialism, decolonization
and globalization on the contemporary configuration of group
identities and national boundaries; how ethnic differences affect
the development of civic culture and concepts of democratic
citizenship; how religions  particularly Islam  respond to
national identities, and the challenges that face the modern state
and stateless peoples. I206 is the core course for the thematic
concentration in Nations, States and Boundaries offered in the inter-
disciplinary major in International Studies.