International Studies | Internship in International Studies
I498 | 11117 | Knudsen, D

Students who wish to receive credit through International Studies
(INTL-I498) should make an appointment with the INTL advisor to
discuss how it fits in their academic program. INTL-I498 can be
taken for up to 6 credits (50-99 contact hours = 1 credit, 100-149 =
2 credits, 150+ = 3 credits).

INTL-I 498 requires an internship relevant to International Studies
and the INTL Director's approval and authorization. Before you
register, you must discuss your internship with Dr. Knudsen and
submit the internship authorization form.  If your chosen internship
is not relevant to International Studies there are other options for
pursuing credit.
Successful completion of INTL-I 498 entails the following:
1.  A journal.   Students should make entries to their journal
approximately three times a week for the duration of their
internship.  The journal should note their experiences during the
2. Reflection paper.   This 10-page paper draws on experiences
documented in the journal entries. It is an opportunity for self-
evaluation and should include a description of the internship, what
was learned, and how the student grew professionally.  The
reflection paper is kept on file by International Studies as a
permanent record of the internship.
3. Internship site evaluation.    Students evaluate the internship
site on a form provided by International Studies.
4. Employer's evaluation of student.  International Studies sends
this form directly to the internship supervisor.