Jewish Studies | Israeli Film and Fiction
J303 | 28375 | S. Katz

JSTU-J 303 ,  Arts and Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies ,  3 cr. ,
Stephen Katz ,  #28375
Topic: Israeli Film and Fiction
MW 4:00-5:15 p.m.
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This is a course that will focus on representations of the human
experience in two forms of art: prose fiction and film as they work
in tandem in representing aspects of Israeli culture, values and
history. We will be reading, in English translation works of fiction-
-mostly novels--by some of Israelís leading writers and then
consider how these same works are represented through the medium of
films. This
exploration into two diverse mediums of art will be made in order to
examine those cultural components that each can best expose. In
each instance, the work of fiction will be fixed into its literary
context--be it thematic or artistic movement--and then its rendition
in the form of film will also be explored in its own particular
context. In each instance, moreover, we will examine the
representation of those aspects of culture that each of the works,
fiction and film, represents, as well as what each is less able to

Students will read each work and have opportunity to review and
discuss its highlights before viewing the movie made of it. The
order is determined by the assumption that the written work preceded
the film. However, I hope to experiment and at least once reverse the
order. Selections of fiction will be made of works available in the
original and translation. The movies are all available, with English
subtitles, at the IU Library. As more videos are acquired, the
course can be expanded or altered to accommodate them. Following the
processes of reading, discussion and screenings, discussion will be
devoted to the representation in film of the work of fiction with an
eye to its accomplishments and deficiencies.

In all instances attention will be given to the artistic
accomplishments in each medium and also to the variety of cultural
details each presents--since both the written works and films are
products of the same culture. Readings will include critiques of the
written and filmed pieces and broader studies in the realm of the
place of literature and film in Israeli society.
Students will be required to take periodic quizzes, a midterm exam
and final. In addition, they will read and view a film that is not
covered in class and write a paper critiquing both as a required
class project.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language & Literature or History & Society
course; A&H