Jewish Studies | Gender in Jewish Law and Literature
J303 | 29689 | M. Segal

JSTU-J 303 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies ,  3 cr. ,  M.
Segal ,  #29689

Topic: Gender in Jewish Law and Literature
TR 4:00-6:00 Ballatine Hall 208
2nd 8-week course.

What is gender? And what does Jewish Writing have to say about it?
The third gender? The status of women? The privileges and
responsibilities of men?

How has the meaning of masculinity in Judaism changed over the
centuries? Why does Jewish law require that men be circumcised—but
not women? What motivated the Bible’s laws on incest—and sodomy?
Which Biblical figures married a member of his family? How did
laws of incest develop in the Jewish tradition and in what situation
is a person obligated to marry a relative?

Beginning with the biblical stories of creation and Jewish ancient
and contemporary responses to it, this course will explore these
questions in a wide cultural and historical context—contemporary
Jewish law, literature, film, Rabbinic law, biblical text and
interpretation. Course requirements: midterm, final, one-page
response papers.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language & Literature or Religion & Thought
course; A&H