Liberal Arts and Management Program | The Automobile: Economy, Politics, Culture
L216 | 8496 | James Madison

This seminar combines intensive reading and writing with weekly
discussion. The central focus of our work will be the automobile in
America, but we will often use that subject as a platform to think
widely across decades of time and around the world. The seminar will
have a historical orientation (that's the instructor's "discipline")
but will provide abundant opportunity to think about the present and
speculate on the future. We'll study issues of technology and
culture, of working men and women, of race and gender, of cities and
streets, of backseat sex and rock and roll, of interstate highways,
environmental challenges, oil supplies, government regulation, and
other topics that might lead to the conclusion that contained in the
past and present of the automobile is just about all there is to
know about business and the humanities. This course meets the
College Intensive Writing requirement.