Liberal Arts and Management Program | Career Development for LAMP
X298 | 11121 | Jane Rogan

LAMP-X298 is required for all LAMP sophomores and is taken during
the spring semester of the sophomore year (or the spring semester of
the student's first year in the program).  LAMP-X298 introduces
personal and career development and is grounded in student
development, career development, and life-span theories.  This
course is not about resumes and interviews; this course is about
you.  While the course aims to provide you with a forum to conduct
self assessment and career research and to develop relevant
communication and networking skills, you are the essential component
to this course.  This course requests your commitment to the self-
assessment and evaluation process and to the understanding and
application of development theories.  Through extensive self-
assessment and evaluation this course will help illuminate your
strengths, aptitudes, skills and interests.  This course will
provide you with resources to further investigate your interests and
will clarify areas of future career interest.