Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
L105 | 12136 | Libby

Topics for the College of Arts and Sciences, S&H distribution

L105 is a service-learning course that develops social responsibility,
active citizenship and community engagement by combining academic
inquiry with service that meets genuine community needs. Twenty hours
of service over the course of the semester (2 hours per week over 10
weeks) in a community organization is required. This experience offers
you an in-depth understanding of the community agency, the population
the agency serves and the issues it attempts to address. The key
feature of this course that distinguishes your involvement in the
community from volunteering is that we will frame our practical
experience in an academic context; specific topics we will consider in
this context include social justice, charity, service, advocacy,
social entrepreneurship, political democracy, education, and ideology.

For further information about the minor in Leadership, Ethics, and
Social Action, see the website at http://www.iub.edu/~lesa. L105 is
the foundations course and first requirement for this minor.