Linguistics | Seminar in Computational Ling: Anaphora Resolution
L715 | 25778 | Sandra Kuebler

L715 Anaphora Resolution

Prerequisite: Some programming experience.

Automatic anaphora resolution has become an important issue for a
variety of NLP applications, including information retrieval,
information extraction, text summarization, as well as dialog and
question-answering systems.
This seminar will begin with an overview of the semantic and
pragmatic properties of anaphoric expressions. Then, we will focus
on computational approaches to anaphora resolution, including rule-
based, stochastic and machine learning methods. We will also have a
look at relevant psycholinguistic literature and (if students are
interested) at approaches to the generation of referring expressions.

Optional Textbook:

R. Mitkov (2002) Anaphora Resolution. Pearson Education.