Military Science | Leadership in Changing Environments
G202 | 8783- | 8784 Bruce Baltis Jason Brady

2 credits. No prerequisites. Lab included.
This course focuses principally on officership, providing an
extensive examination of the unique purpose, roles, and obligations
of commissioned officers.   The capstone case study traces the
Army’s successes and failures as it evolved from the Vietnam War to
the present, placing previous lessons on leadership and officership
in a real-world context that directly affects the future of the
cadets.   This semester, more than any before it, draws the various
components of values, communications, decision making, and
leadership together to focus on a career as a commissioned officer.
Leadership labs, physical training sessions, and one weekend field
training exercise make this course challenging, extraordinary, and
fun. Interested cadets can participate in the ROTC Simultaneous
Membership Program (SMP), allowing them to serve in the US Army
Reserve or National Guard while participating in ROTC (optional and
not open to scholarship cadets). Extracurricular activities
(optional) include Pershing Rifles and Little 50 and 500. Interested
cadets compete for a chance to attend US Army Airborne, Air Assault,
and Mountain Warfare Schools during the summer.

In addition to the MSL courses, Leadership Labs provide practical
experience for cadets and are scheduled during each semester.
Leadership Labs meet a minimum of 1 hour per week. The Leadership
Labs in the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) I ROTC Curriculum
are designed to build on the classroom material from the week in
which they are scheduled and contain activities for all MSL levels.
Like the curriculum, the Leadership Labs are also progressive and
sequential, yet they are flexible enough to accommodate geographic
restrictions, such as winter weather conditions.