Military Science | Leadership in a Complex World
G402 | 8789 | Eric Arnold

Contracted cadets only. Includes a lab.
This course completes the transition from cadet to lieutenant. The
course starts with a foundation in the legal aspects of decision
making and leadership. The next module reinforces previous
instruction on the organization of the Army and introduces how we
organize for operations from the tactical to strategic level. This
is followed by instruction on administrative and logistical
management that will focus on the fundamentals of soldier and unit
level support. The final module that introduces new information
focuses on the often confusing process of changing duty stations and
reporting to a new unit. At the core of this semester is the
Advanced Course’s Capstone Exercise. This twelve-lesson exercise
will directly reinforce all modules from this semester, and will
also incorporate and reinforce many learning objectives from modules
throughout the entire curriculum. The Capstone Exercise will require
the cadets, both individually and collectively, to apply their
knowledge to solve problems and confront situations commonly faced
by junior officers. Upon completion of this semester the cadets will
be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of being a commissioned
officer in the United States Army. Periodic weekend leadership labs,
physical training and a weekend field training exercise are
mandatory course requirements.

In addition to the MSL courses, Leadership Labs provide practical
experience for cadets and are scheduled during each semester.
Leadership Labs meet a minimum of 1 hour per week. The Leadership
Labs in the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) I ROTC Curriculum
are designed to build on the classroom material from the week in
which they are scheduled and contain activities for all MSL levels.
Like the curriculum, the Leadership Labs are also progressive and
sequential, yet they are flexible enough to accommodate geographic
restrictions, such as winter weather conditions.