Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | The Arabic Novel in Translation
N305 | 13669 | Fakhreddine

The novel is often studied as a modern genre in Arabic literature.
However, one might argue that there are roots for it in the Arabic
tradition of story telling and akhbar. The aim of the course is to
introduce students to samples of the Arabic novel from the early
twentieth century to the present time. We will examine how Arab
society is reflected in these novels especially at a time of crisis
and change when major events were taking place on political and
social as well as literary level. We will see how literature in
general and the novel in particular reflect the negotiations between
tradition and foreign influences in Arab culture. The course traces
the rise of prose forms such as memoirs and travel journal which
later developed into the novel form with prominent writers such as
Yahya Haqqi, Naguib Mahfouz, and Tayyib Salih. The focus will be to
study the manner in which the novel reflects major changes and
transitions in Arab culture and society.  The novels will be read in
translation and the class will be conducted in English.