Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Pen to Paper: Islamic Codicology and Paleography
N695 | 26686 | Gruber

This seminar will introduce graduate students to the materials and
methods for the study of Islamic manuscripts (codicology) and
handwriting (paleography). We will discuss the beginnings of Arabic
script in early Qur’ans, its development in Persian and Turkic
spheres, and its ornamental value in modern calligraphic works.
Alongside the development of penmanship, we will explore the arts of
the book and their ancillary trades such as ink-, pigment-, and
paper- making, as well as illustration, illumination, and
bookbinding especially in Persian and Turkic spheres. The course
will be taught using calligraphic fragments, manuscripts, and
paintings in the Lilly Library and the IU Art Museum, and it also
will be linked to an exhibition of Islamic book arts to be held at
the museum from March to May, 2009.