Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Language and Society in the Middle East
N695 | 28541 | Balim

The course discusses the interaction between peoples and the
languages they use in the Middle East, and will acquaint the
students with the contemporary theories, concepts and approaches
used in analysis.
The course will help the students to have a holistic view of the
area, its peoples and languages.
Students will be expected to work with their own language interests
and countries of interest, when preparing papers.
Graduate and undergraduate requirements (reading list and
assessment) will differ.
Sample topics that the course will cover are:
Language planning - selection of a �national� language by the
states, standardization, modernization, educational practices;
alphabet changes; Language policies - language and identity;
language and nationalism; problems of language policies: minorities
and bilingual education; Language, power and conflict - use of
language as an instrument of an ideology; language of politicians;
language and war; Language contact - language change caused by
contact; migration and language.