Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Ottoman History II
N695 | 28790 | Cipa

Commencing with an overview of the Ottoman ‘Classical Age” (1300-
1600), this course will trace the history of the Ottoman Empire from
its grandeur under Suleyman the Magnificent to its collapse in the
first quarter of the 20th century, touching upon different themes
such as:
crisis and the notion of decline in the sixteenth century;
Ottomans’ struggle to maintain “superpower” status up to the end of
the 18th century;
changes in land tenure and military institutions;
the Ottoman economy &/vs. “world economy”;
social fabric, family life, gender relations;
social unrest & religious movements;
“constitutional” struggles;
decentralization and the Porte’s response;
Ottoman response to the new world order (Tanzimat);
reform and disintegration;
the transformation towards nation-states and national cultures