Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Modern and Post-Modern Anglo-American Influences on the Arabic Novel
N701 | 28543 | Azouqa

This course is comparative, theoretical and analytical. Based on the
theory of influence within the scope of Comparative Literature, the
course examines the poetics of modernism and post-modernism in Anglo-
American fiction as they manifest themselves in the works of leading
novelists, on both sides of Atlantic, and the extend of their
influence on Arabic novel. In the first part of the course, we look
at the work of the two modern novelists, Joseph Conrad and William
Faulkner to determine their respective impact on Tayeb Salih, Jabra
Ibrahim Jabra, Naguib Mahfouz and Ghassan Kanafani.  The second part
of the course examines the post-modern novels of pure metafiction
and of histiographic  metafiction the fiction of John Fowles, and
Robert Coover to trace their respective influence on Eduard Kharret
and Gamel al-Ghitani.
Being a theoretical and an analytical course, it uses a variety of
critical approaches to interpret the five-Anglo-American novels and
their seven Arabic counterparts. English is the medium of
Instruction, and the Arabic novels will be read in their English