Center For Neural Sciences | Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
N510 | 13539 | Prieto, Anne L.

This course is intended to provide a general background into the
cellular and molecular processes that give the nervous system its
unique character.  It also explores in depth some topics on higher
brain function in which significant progress has been made to
uncover their biological basis at a molecular and cellular levels.
In this course we will cover the cell biology of neurons and glia
and the structural and molecular elements that distinguish these
cells from others in the body.  We will explore in depth the
development of the nervous system forma molecular perspective.  We
will explore the genesis of neurons and glia, the generation of
synaptic connections, and the elimination of cells and synapses.  We
will explore the cellular processes and molecules involved in
activity dependent synaptic rearrangements and mechanisms of
synaptic plasticity.  We will also explore the genetic and molecular
approaches that have been used in model organisms to uncover the
biological basis for learning and memory.
The format of the course is mainly lecture, with discussion,
questions etc. strongly encouraged.

 To achieve an understanding of the properties of neurons and glia
through their life-span
 To become familiar with the basic molecular elements and cellular
processes that drive the development of the central and peripheral
nervous system.
 To become familiar with approaches and tools used in molecular
neuroscience to address neurobiological questions