Political Science | Introduction to Political Theory
Y105 | 10184 | Scheuerman

This course provides an introduction to political philosophy by
addressing some of the most fundamental questions of political life.
Should we obey government? Which form of government is best, and
why? What is justice? How should we envision the relationship
between morality and politics? After completing this course, you
will have gained 1) a preliminary overview of the history of western
political ideas and 2) improved skills in thinking and writing about
politics with clarity and precision. The course offers an
introduction to to a rich variety of comepting political
philosophies: liberalism, democracy, socialism, feminism, as well as
contemporary free-market conservativism. Texts from a broad range of
classical writers, extending from Plato to Marx, will be read. Some
contemporary writers, including Albert Einstein and Friedrich Hayek,
are also examined.

Completion of two midterm exams, one final exam, and one 6-7pp.
essay, is required. Class attendance is compulsory, and
participation is strongly encouraged.