Political Science | Political Thought of MLK & Malcolm X
Y490 | 13354 | Hanks

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., are arguably the two major
icons of the modern Post World War II civil rights movement.  This
course will examine their ideology and their advocacy based on their
writings, speeches, and scholarship about them.  Special emphasis
will be given to their respective transformation (King lived most of
his public life as a liberal system reformer who later called for
radical changes; Malcolm X lived most of his life as a radical
system detractor who later advocated working within the system for
change) as well as the impact of their legacy on the contemporary
struggle for African American equity.

(1)	To provide an introduction to the process of critical
thinking with a focus on fallacious reasoning.
(2)	To provide a thorough understanding of the political thought
and actions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
(3)	To provide a familiarity with the places, events, and
personalities of the civil rights movement.
(4)	To enable students to comprehend and apply their knowledge
of King, Malcolm X, and the civil rights movement.
(5)	to enable students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate
issues regarding King, Malcolm X, and the civil rights movement.