Political Science | Empirical Theory & Methodology
Y673 | 10212 | Razo

This class meets at 513 N. Park

Topic:  Networks and Institutions

This seminar introduces students to the study of networks across the
social sciences, especially in political science and economics.
The main goal of the seminar is to explore the feasibility of
integrating relational theories and methods with extant
institutional approaches in the study of:  (1) Political
Organizations, including questions about multi-level governance and
polycentricity; (2) Political Economy of Institutions, addressing
topics such as informal institutions and clientelism; and topics in
(3) International Development such as microfinance, social capital,
and policy networks.   Enrollment in this seminar requires a
commitment to present a relevant research paper at a mini-conference
to be held on May 4-5, 2009.   In order to assist students in
formulating and implementing their own research projects, the
seminar will also offer a brief survey of various network-analytic
methodologies, including experimental, game-theoretic, and
experimental approaches.  Prerequisites:  previous courses on
institutional analysis or graduate-level coursework in social
sciences and a basic understanding of game theory and statistics.
Two courses, S651 and Y673 (Micro Institutional Analysis and
Development), are especially recommended.  Note that the focus of
this seminar will be on theory building and research design using
the concept of networks rather than on a specific methodological
approach.  Students who want to learn more about social network
analysis, especially from a statistical perspective, should plan on
taking S651 separately.