Russian and East European Institute | Global Public Health Dialogue
R300 | 28434 | Natalia Rekhter

his course will join students from Indiana University Bloomington,
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, and Southern
Federal University (Russia) via video conferencing.  Participation in
this class will serve as a basis for building bridges of understanding
between students at the two universities and will provide a basic
knowledge of health care delivery in the two countries.  The course is
taught in English.

Students will watch a popular health care related show, such as ER
(USA) and/or "Vrachebnyie Tainy – Medical Secrets" (Russia), and
contrast and compare them.  Discussions will focus on aspects of
American and Russian culture and health care delivery by examining
patient-physician relationships, medical ethics in the workplace,
information sharing, the role of medical technology, and others.

The format allows for cross-national discussions via e-mail, in-class
face-to-face dialogs, and small group exercises with faculty assistance.

IU students taking the course (which will be available at the same
time in Bloomington and Indianapolis via distance-learning) are
eligible for scholarships to be used towards the cost of a trip to
Rostov-on-Don, Russia (“International Health Care Delivery: in-country
Russian Field Experience” course).  This course is open to
undergraduate and graduate students.
* Students on the IU-Indianapolis campus must complete the TEMPORARY
intercampus transfer form at the following website to be able to
register for this spring semester course.  They can take the course on
IUPUI campus, it will be facilitated by the distance-learning
facility.  Please contact Marianne Davis at