Religious Studies | Topics in Religious Studies: Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
R202 | 28734 | N. Willock

Class carries A&H distribution. 2nd 8 wk course.

In this course, we will examine the historical and cultural
development of the four main Tibetan Buddhist traditions: Nyingma,
Sakya, Kagyu and Geluk.  First, we will look briefly at the Indian
Background and how Buddhism found new roots on the Tibetan Plateau.
Then we will explore Tibetan history and culture to learn about the
development and characteristics of each main tradition and some of
the minor schools.  Thirdly, we will turn to Tibetan Buddhism in the
20th century in order to understand the spread of Tibetan Buddhism
from the Himalayas to communities like Bloomington.  Finally, we
will look at Tibetan Buddhist festivals, rituals and practices as
performed in Tibet today.  The course book will be supplemented by
audio-visual materials on images of Tibetan art and the instructor’s
fieldwork photos.  Class requirements include active participation,
three quizzes and a final exam.