Slavic Languages and Literatures | Elementary Polish II
P102 | ALL | Prochniak

P102/502 is the second course in a four-part sequence (P101, P102,
P201, P202) that fulfills the foreign language requirement in the
general education curriculum.  These courses teach the four basic
language skills in Polish: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Major cultural aspects of Poland are also incorporated throughout the
instructional materials.
After successfully completing this course students will be able to
read, write, speak, and comprehend Polish at an introductory level.
There will be three main areas of building upon students’ basic skills
covered in the first year of study:
1. Oral and written communication (polite expressions; meeting people
and making introductions; traveling; shopping; talking about food and
ordering in restaurants; talking about the weather; expressing
opinions and emotions - sympathy, hope…; talking about one’s health
and wellness; asking for permission and answering; telephone
2. Basic grammar (cases, tenses, verb forms, aspect, adjectives,
adverbs, pronouns, numbers, syntax).
3. Vocabulary building (naming basic objects and people, family,
professions, interests and hobbies, age, time expressions; writing