Slavic Languages and Literatures | Joseph Brodsky and His English-Language Influences
R601 | ALL | Beaver

In his Russian poems, his English poems, his self-translations, and
his essays, Joseph Brodsky shows or tells us about his love of the
works of many English-language poets, from John Donne to Thomas Hardy
to W.H. Auden to Derek Walcott. This seminar will explore Brodsky's
Anglophilia as poetic influence. When does admiration become influence?

What is the exact nature of this influence, and why does  Brodsky seem
so eager to establish this non-Russian poetic genealogy?  Is the
influence one of ideas, and can it possibly be one of  language? How
does the influence of English-language poets compare  with that of
Russian or classical poets? A variety of critical  frameworks will be
utilized and discussed. Students will be expected  to participate
regularly and to write a substantial course paper.  Readings in
Russian and English.