Slavic Languages and Literatures | Supervised Individual Reading: Survival Russian
S498 | 15842 | Fowler

Survival Russian(entry-level)  3 credits

Full-semester course offered during the Spring 2009 semester

MWF   50min each class           time of class: 12:20 - 1:10p.m.

Location of class: IUB - TBA, IUPUI - TBA

This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students.  The goal
of the intensive Russian survival course is to acquaint the students
with the basic grammatical structures of Russian along with sufficient
vocabulary for a working introduction to the language. The focus of
the course will be on the development of oral skills, with written
work used for reinforcement. Homework will be devoted largely to
repetition and reinforcement while class time, even from the
beginning, will be devoted almost entirely to active practice.
Listening and reading comprehension will be addressed through special
materials, which will also serve as a basis for discussion and oral
practice. Readings will introduce aspects of everyday Russian life,
figures, events, and issues that are crucial to an understanding of
Russian culture.