Sociology | The Family
S316 | 25750 | Waity

S316: The Family
25750	4:00PM-5:15PM	MW
What is a family?  Families have different meanings for different
groups and across cultures.  We have all had personal experiences
with families, but we might not have thought about the family in a
broader social context.  In this course, we will explore the family
as a dynamic social institution from a sociological perspective.  We
will look at the history of the family and the changing contemporary
family.  We will study diverse family types across race, ethnicity,
class, and gender.  We will investigate the cultural, political, and
economic origins of practices and beliefs about the family.  More
specifically, we will cover marriage and cohabitation, gender roles,
parenting, divorce and family violence.  Finally, we will conclude
by looking at how government policies affect families and how
families affect government policies.  A key goal of this course is
to sharpen critical thinking skills using different perspectives on
the family.