Sociology | Topics in Social Psychology, Topic: Race, Class, and Gender
S431 | 13393 | Eder

S431 Topical Seminar: Race, Gender, and Class
This course will examine the influence of gender, race, and class
from a perspective of inequality and culture.  We will question the
way in which power dynamics influence these social statuses by
focusing on their interlinkages.  We will also look at the
experiences of those with different races, genders, & social class

The course will begin with an examination of the nature of social
class dynamics, looking at the shaping of middle-class culture as
well as working-class culture.  Then we will analyze the way in
which mainstream concepts regarding bodies and sexuality have
affected the lives of women and men.  Here we will also look at the
way in which race and class issues are interralated with issues of
sexuality and concepts of femininity and masculinity.  This will be
followed by an examination of the ways in which people are
redefining sexuality and gender through cultural practices.

In the next section of the course we will examine constructions of
identity, focusing in more depth on racial and ethnic identities.
We will also look at processes of race and class oppression as well
as ways in which being white shape our belief systems.  This will be
followed by an examination of variations in ethnicity and multi-
ethnic identities.  The last section will examine creative
expression as a means of resisting oppression as well as other forms
of resistance and social change.

Required course readings include the following-
Unequal Childhoods by Annette Lareau
Keepin it Real by Prudence Carter
Readings on Oncourse