Speech and Hearing Sciences | Introduction to Phonetics for SPHS
S111 | 10590 | Bonnie Lorenzen

This course provides an introduction to the behavioral and social
aspects of communication disorders. It includes a broad overview of
human communication with emphasis on development, diagnosis, and
treatment. The course also examines general approaches to
rehabilitation and current controversies. Class lectures feature a
variety of computer and multi-media demonstrations of
communication disorders, diagnostic procedures and equipment, and

Course Goals:
1. To understand normal development of various aspects of
communicative behavior.
2. To understand the anatomy and physiology of the normal and
disordered speech and hearing mechanisms.
3. To acquire a basic understanding of acoustics and the sounds of
4. To gain some knowledge of causes and characteristics of various
communication disorders.
5. To develop an awareness of the consequences - educational,
economic, social, cultural - of communicative disorders.
6. To gain a basic understanding of the role of various professionals
and family members in helping individuals with communicative
7. To interact more effectively and empathetically with
communicatively disordered individuals in the student's environment