Speech and Hearing Sciences | Flurncy Disorders in Children
S415 | 15467 | Julie Anderson

Stuttering is one of the great unsolved mysteries in the field of
speech and hearing sciences.  Thus, our challenge in this course is
to understand the mysteries of stuttering that researchers have
managed to unravel thus far and learn to accept, for the time being,
those that remain.  To this aim, you will learn about the nature of
stuttering (and other disorders of fluency, including cluttering and
acquired stuttering) by considering its definition, behavioral
characteristics, etiology, and development, as well as common
approaches to diagnosis and treatment.  By the end of the semester,
you will have acquired a basic knowledge of developmental stuttering
and related disorders of fluency, but at the same time, you will
come to appreciate how much we still have to learn about this most
enigmatic disorder.

Recommended Pre-requisites:  None