Telecommunications | Honors Seminar in Media & Society
S451 | 14223 | Grabe, M


The media world is saturated with crime stories--from Grand Theft
Auto to CSI, The Dark Knight, news headlines, and song lyrics.
There must be interesting reasons for anything to be this prominent
in media content.  And that's the goal of this course:  To consider
the possible reasons for our fascination with crime and to
investigate which themes and myths underlie crime stories in media
content.  For example, according to media narratives, does crime
pay?  Who are the portrayed victims, criminals, and good forces
countering crime?  How do these portrayals correspond to crime in
the non-mediated world, according to FBI statistics?  We will also
explore what media research tells us about the effects of crime
narratives on media audiences.

During class meetings we will watch and discuss crime stories across
many media channels and genres.  Because it is a seminar,
participation in these conversations is important.

Students will be required to do short papers and participate in
group work (final research project).