Telecommunications | Intro to Design & Production
T206 | 10661-10667 | Krahnke, S

T206 Introduction to Design & Production
Class Number (LEC) 10661

I am a working professional in the television business (I`m an
Executive Producer of PBS programs, as well as a set designer.) So,
I want this course to focus on the medium of television, and all
that implies. We will use examples from television, the web, film
and theatre, but we will always be directing the conversation toward
the understanding of design and production of television. We can
talk about anything, but what I know a lot about is television.

This course provides the foundations for understanding and
critiquing production and design techniques used in television
production. Students will look at a range of visual media, analyze
story- telling techniques, and look at how stories are structured.
Students explore the entire production process, looking at
photography, lighting, editing, sound, and set design. While this is
not a hands-on production class, students are expected to carry out
or think through pre-production work for many of the assignments and

This course counts toward Arts and Humanities distribution
requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may
not, also count toward other degree requirements. For more
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