Telecommunications | Multiplayer Game Design
T366 | 14221 | Castronova, E

This is a lecture course in the theory and practice of making games
for several players. We will focus on games at two levels. At the
level of massively multiplayer games (Warhammer Online, World of
Warcraft, etc.), we will go through two fundamental books in the
area, Richard Bartle’s Designing Virtual Worlds, and my own
Synthetic Worlds. These texts introduce the basic ideas about such
huge games are designed. At the level of board games (Monopoly,
Risk, etc.), you will yourself play and design games for 3-6
players. These activities will give you close hands-on experience
with the problem of creating rules that allow several players to
have fun. Between these two levels of learning, you should exit the
class with the basic toolkit needed for designing and analyzing
multiplayer games in numerous contexts.

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