Telecommunications | Advanced Production Workshop
T436 | 26112 | Stuart, S

T436 – Web Video & the Game Industry
Producing a Media-rich Game Video Web Series
Instructor: Spencer Stuart

Course Information:
Web Video & the Game Industry is an intermediate level, hands-on
production course intended to deliver students an applied learning
experience, centered around the development and enhancement of an
original, globally webcast game video series,
Students will be expected to significantly enhance their practical
understanding of Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age.
Equally, students will be expected to stay abreast of the most
current, game industry news by reading and watching a selection of
the top blogs and game video websites. During the course of the
semester, we will collaborate to create a series of high-quality
game videos for mass distribution on the Internet. Everyone will be
expected to glean an understanding of the entire game video
production process, but students will specialize in the areas
that most interest them. Approximately half the class will focus on
post-production & editing, while the other half will divide between
the remaining categories, which include development and
scriptwriting, production management and producing, marketing and
PR, and web programming and design. Students will determine their
area of focus by the second week, so please consider seriously what
aspect of production you find most interesting and most beneficial
to your practical education and the enhancement of your portfolio.

Course Objectives:
The class will provide the opportunity to drastically enhance one’s
portfolio, industry connectedness, and global web presence. Students
will learn--in the trenches--how to workshop each other’s projects
and ideas in an energetic, creative, and collaborative environment.

Required Readings & Materials:
Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age by Ron Osgood
Top Game Industry Blogs & Websites
Access to Internet and Oncourse

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