Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Industry & Management
T453 | 14225 | Waterman, D

Telecommunications S453 Seminar in Industry and Management
Topic: Entertainment, Technology, and Industry Change
Class Number: 14225
Spring, 2009

Summary of the course

One main topic will be the world dominance of American media—
especially Hollywood movies. Hollywood films overwhelm box-office
and video sales in many countries, while in the U.S., foreign films
account for only a tiny share of movie revenues. What are the
political, economic, sociological, and cultural reasons for this
lopsided pattern of movie exchange? How does the balance of movie
trade compare with that of print, television, music, and other
media? How are digital technologies changing the balance?

A second main topic will the challenge of digital piracy and
copying. Digital technologies, such as CDs, DVDs and Internet file
sharing, have escalated the tension between copyright owners and
consumers. How can we preserve economic incentives to create
intellectual property at the same time that we take social advantage
of the increasingly low costs of distributing digital entertainment
and other information. We explore recent research about the effects
of copying and piracy on the copyright industries and on the public
welfare, and apply that to policy questions involving copyright law
and government regulations.

As time permits, we will consider other some related issues, such as
the economics of format wars (eg, HD DVD), and the worldwide
transition to digital television.

Format: Mostly class discussion, with some lectures

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Required texts: Probably a compiled course packet of selected
articles, and book chapters, plus electronic reserves.

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Meeting times: 2:30-3:45pm MW