Telecommunications | Telecommunications Theory
T503 | 10720 | Bucy, E

T503, a required course for first year Telecommunications graduate
students, provides an introduction to the breadth of research and
theory on mass communication and electronic media. Toward this end,
T503 overviews a wide range of social scientific and humanistic
theories which guide research in telecommunications. The first part
of the course reviews definitions of theoretical concepts, including
the process of systematic investigation itself, and applies them to
the mass communication literature. The remainder of the course
explores specific theories and conceptual approaches. Throughout the
semester the seminar examines theories at different levels of
analysis (e.g. mass, interpersonal) and considers both applied and
theoretical aspects of mediated communication. Not all of these
theories and approaches will be directly applicable to every
studentís interests and goals. They are, however, foundational for
graduate study in Telecommunications. This seminar is thus designed
to (a) expose students to the broad range of scholarly expertise in
the department and in the field, and (b) serve as a foundation for
further intellectual exploration and development.