Telecommunications | Special Projects in Telecommunications
T540 | 14226 | Bucksbarg, A

Game and interaction designers, artists and other creatives are
pushing media beyond the limits of the standard human computer
interface.  One can think of physical media as extending from
virtual media, offering opportunity for new levels of physical and
social engagement, or simply put, getting content out into the world
and utilizing more complex physical and social interfaces.  Physical
media brings content out into the physical world.  Content can be
controlled, manipulated and interacted with by the body and the
environment or the convergence of the two, along with digital media
(augmented reality) in ever more complex social contexts.  This work
is finding more common practice in main stream entertainment
systems, mobile technology and smart devices, as well as health,
fitness and the arts.

Physical media converges physical computing, interaction/multi-modal
design and extended or augmented interfaces that use body or
environmental sensors, in order to create, control, interact,
participate and perform, share and control content.  The seminar
will proceed in a workshop/design studio format where students will
be encouraged to collaborate in teams in order to develop a project
using sensors to control content or to develop research using non-
traditional sensors.   Challenges in creating physical media are
finding the appropriate transducer(s)/sensors and how to share or
capture this information with the computer, gaming, art installation
or other media system.  The challenge is that this must happen on
top of the normal production timeline.

No previous knowledge of electronics or software/programming is

There will be no required text, however similar, reasonable costs
will be required for technology, etc.