Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Telecomm Management
T603 | 26119 | Sawhney, H


Why do artists congregate in Paris?  Perhaps they are there to be
inspired by masters, stimulated by their peers, noticed by patrons,
plugged into the buzz, and immersed in a cosmopolitan culture.  It
is for similar reasons that high tech entrepreneurs cluster together
in Silicon Valley.  We see the same phenomenon in the case of other
creative industries such as advertising, publishing, and film. As we
journey our way through Paris, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other
creative places, we will examine the idiosyncratic factors that fuel
creativity in each locale while keeping an eye out for overarching
patterns.  After we have acquired insights into creative
environments that were created serendipitously rather than by
deliberate design, we will examine organizational strategies
employed by Disney Corp., Xerox PARC, Bell Laboratories and other
institutions noted for their creative output. We will leave the
seminar with concepts and insights that we can employ to generate
and sustain creative environments in our places of work and play.