Asian American Studies | Topics in Asian American Studies
A300 | 29654 | Fernando Ona

Topic: Social Problems in the Health and Wellbeing of Asian America

RTV 180 at TR 1:00-2:15 p.m

This course carries culture studies A credit.

The primary objective of the course is to engage students with
selected aspects of the emerging canon of scholarly literature in
Asian American Studies, specifically social and health problems that
face Asian America. Students will critically examine the nature and
characteristics of social problems in health and well being that
Asian Americans experience, and engage with theoretical frameworks
for understanding such social problems. They will also have the
opportunity to review potential solutions to these issues and
discuss current approaches to public health interventions that
attempt to address these challenges. The course adopts a case study
approach and incorporates a community-based participatory research
module and process as the basis of a course research project.

This course will also provide many opportunities for students to
link personal experiences to the larger collective facts of “Asian
America,” from the local to the global. Additionally, a service-
research project to examine the experience of Asian Americans in the
Midwest will take place during the semester. This will provide
students with the opportunity to conduct a mini-research project
that attempt to address social and health problems that Asian
Americans experience. Students will be required to participate in
analyzing and writing research data into a potential peer-review
publication to be submitted at the end of the semester. The course
will shed light not only on the multi-faceted nature of the Asian
American experience, but also on the conflicting and simultaneous
trends within the field of Asian American Studies.