African Studies | Topics in African Society & Culture
L100 | 30453 | Yaro, Abdou

Cinema and Manding Culture

This course is a general introduction to African Culture and History
through the medium of films made by filmmakers from countries with
Manding(Bambara-Dioula-Malinke)as it is referred to in literature)
heritage. Through screening, lecture and discussion, this course is
designed to promote awareness and literacy about this culturally
rich region of Africa. The films will expose students to non western
images with codified tales, myths, legends, riddles and proverbs
that are the essence of the predominantly oral nature of culture in
Sub-Saharan Africa. Students will be introduced to voices, issues,
values and customs of cultures dominated by French colonization.

Students will be required to present and discuss weekly a film
screened in class. They will learn aspects of African culture and
history and gain necessary tools to analyze African films.