Anthropology | Food: Famine and Festival
A410 | 11122 | Stoeltje

Food constitutes one of the essential elements all human beings share;
consequently, it is a major concern to all societies (growing food;
Harvesting or hunting food, preparing food, marketing food, consuming
food, enjoying food).  This course give special consideration to The
opposite conditions: famine and festival.  In famine there is
inadequate food available to a population for its Survival.  In
contrast, a key component of festival is feasting on special foods
associated with a particular holiday or event or
Ethnicity; moreover, festival permits the indulgence in eating and
drinking to excess.  These two food events, Famine and Festival, Will
be explored cross culturally.

While the course will be framed by these two extreme, Famine and
Festival, it will include the perspective of all four sub-fields with
regard to approaches to the study of food, and examples will be

Students will be responsible for developing a project and presenting
it to the class.